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Additional Services offered by iGeek Repair

Water Damage Water Damage - Water Damage Repairs - Our experts can quickly assess the damage to your iPhone due to water, and decide the best route for getting it fixed. Time is of the essence with water damage. The sooner you can get it in to us, the higher chance that we can save your device. iGeek Repair uses state of the art Ultra-Sonic electronic cleaning machines to help bring your phone back to life!
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Jailbreak/Unlock Jailbreak/Unlock - Jailbreak/Unlock - We can unlock/jailbreak your iPhone to be used for any carrier. Jailbreaking your device means that you can download free Apps onto your device. "Unlocking" your device allows you to use your phone on a different carrier. It is common to "unlock" ATT iPhones to use on the T-Mobile Network. Unlocking services start at just $40.
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5% 5% - iGeek Repair currently has over 4000 FACEBOOK FRIENDS!!! Join the party and get $5.00 Off your next repair. Get $5.00 off your next repair.
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Sell Your Item Sell Your Item - Did you get a new phone and want sell your old phone to make some money?!?!
Sell iGeek Repair your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac or MacBook computer to us and we'll give you cash!

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iphone parts boise