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Need your electronics to be fixed? We are the Geeks for the job!

If you have a broken iPad and are looking to get it fixed, then look no further. iGeek Repair Center would be glad to fix it. Whether it is one of the regular iPad (1,2,3,4), a mini (1,2,3,4), or Air (1 or 2), we can repair them all. iPads, however, take a little longer to repair then the average 20-30 minutes it takes for an iPhone repair. Usually, about 2-4 hours for an iPad repair is all the time that is needed. 

Pricing is a bit different with iPads as there are "Glass-Only Repairs" and "Glass + LCD Repairs." If it is cracked but it still working and looks fine besides the cracked glass on top, then it is eligible for a "Glass-Only Repair" which is cheaper then the other repair since there is less part cost. However, if the screen does look discolored or have lines running across it in any direction, then you will need a "Glass + LCD Repair."

If you can not tell if you need a "Glass-Only" or "Glass + LCD" repair, do not worry and visit one of our locations to receive a free diagnostic on whether it is the LCD or not. (Usually takes a couple minutes to figure it out).

1st Generation Repairs Include

Free Diagnostic repair

$99.00 Glass/Digitizer Replacement repair
Glass/Digitizer Replacement

$135.00 Glass/Digitizer & LCD Replacement repair
Glass/Digitizer & LCD Replacement

$99.00  Lcd Replacement repair
Lcd Replacement

Free  Water Repair Diagnostic repair
Water Repair Diagnostic

Call for Quote  Battery Replacement repair
Battery Replacement

Call for Quote  Dock Connector Repair  repair
Dock Connector Repair

Call for Quote Camera Replacement repair
Camera Replacement

Call for Quote  Head Phone Jack Repair repair
Head Phone Jack Repair

Call for Quote Button Repair repair
Button Repair

Call for Quote  Loud Speaker Repair repair
Loud Speaker Repair

Call for Quote Power Button Repair repair
Power Button Repair

Call for Quote  Volume Repair repair
Volume Repair

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