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iPod Repair Services

In order for us to better assist you, please let us know which model of iPod Touch that you have. You will find the model number listed on the back or it can also be found by going to "Settings -> General -> About" and then scrolling down until you find the "Model" listed on your iPod. 

iPod Touch Model Numbers:

• A1213 - 1st generation

• A1288 - 2nd generation

• A1318 - 3rd generation

• A1367 - 4th generation (with front and rear camera)

• A1421 - 5th Generation (newest model)

iPod Touch 5th Generation:

• Glass and LCD Repair (White or Black) - $100

iPod Touch 4th Generation:

• Glass and LCD Repair (White or Black) - $60

• Battery Replacement - $60

• Power/Volume Button Repair - $60

• Home Button Repair - $40

iPod Touch 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation:

• Glass Repair - $40

• Glass and LCD Repair - $60
iPod Classic and iPod Video:
•  Click Wheel - $40

•  LCD Repair - $40

• Battery Replacement - $40

• Hard Drive Replacement - $1 per gb - 
Contact us for prices

iPod Nano:

•  Call for prices

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